Summer weekly program

The leisure offer at the Hotel Glocknerhof in Carinthia is diverse. In addition, the weekly program offers each family member their own personal highlight. Where else can you go go-karting, archery, pony riding and RC flights taster course on family holidays in Austria? And all this during one week of holidays in one place?

When do the activities take place?
In the summer months and during holiday periods, the individual attractions take place from Monday to Friday, depending on the weather. The exact day and time can be found on the notice board at the reception.

And what’s outside the holidays and in the winter?
If you are interested in the weekly program outside the holidays, please contact the reception. Some attractions are also possible in winter.

Our weekly program


Go-karting at the house race track between the hotel and the playground – the weekly highlight of our motor sports enthusiastic guests.

When the first obstacles are placed in the morning
… then everyone knows what that means: Please move your car to another parking space. Today in the afternoon there is go-karting here.

Which karts are used?
High-quality Hubi karts with a powerful 200 cm³ are used. The seats are partially adjustable and offer enough space so that small children can ride together with a parent.

Is this only something for beginners?
Clear no! At the beginning, of course, leisurely laps are driven. In this case, all karts are in use and driving is slower. Everyone is allowed to get to know the vehicles. All children – even the very young ones – should be able to do a few laps with mom and dad. Soon the laps become faster. Towards the end, we switch to racing duels. Man against man, woman against woman, anyone who wants. The goal is to catch up with the other driver on about ten laps.

From when are children allowed to drive alone?
You can’t make that a blanket statement. Anyway, children must be tall and strong enough to safely control the go-kart. Please understand that for safety reasons only our race director Adolf can make this decision on site. If in doubt, children may ride with parents and try again next year.

Ebnerbichl Animal Farm

Weekly we visit the animals at Ebnerbichl. Small and large animals such as goats, kangaroos, rabbits, pigs, etc. can be petted and fed. In addition, all children are allowed to ride the ponies on the lunge.

Trip to Ebnerbichl
A dream for children: the joint trip to Ebnerbichl. There are many animals (goats, kangaroos, rabbits, pigs, guinea pigs, ducks, turtles) to feed, play and pet. Ponies are ridden at the riding arena.

First we meet at the reception at the agreed time and then drive together to Ebnerbichl. Cost per child € 10,–

Additionally: private visits and riding lessons
You are welcome to book additional riding lessons with the ponies or a private visit through the reception. Please make this request known early enough so that family Ebner can plan.

More about horseback riding and riding lessons on holidays:


At the weekly beginners’ course you will feel like Robin Hood with bow and arrow. There’s something to win for the skillful ones!

At our archery range, everyone gets to try once.
We shoot together at the first of our three targets. Equipment is provided. Big ones get to help the little ones. Do you manage to hit the center?

How can I win?
After the introductory lap, it’s down to business. A balloon is placed in the center of the disc. Everyone who bursts the balloon is a winner. We wish good luck.

Skilled amateur shooters
our facility with three targets and distances of up to 120 m is available free of charge at any time. Please bring your own equipment. The use is at your own risk.

3D Archery Course Radlach
If you have a taste for it, you should try the archery trail in Radlach/Steinfeld. 34 animal elements made of foam are laid out on a well-kept circular path with 30 stations. The course leads across flowering meadows and through forests. After you have completed the short introduction at the shooting range, you may use the facility independently. For a whole round you should plan three to five hours. Guided tours are available for groups of four or more. The course is open all year round – even in winter!

RC Model trial flights

You want to try model flying without risk and without much effort once? With us it is possible.

So close to heaven
With its own RC model airfield, gliding grounds and RC flight school, the Glocknerhof is a popular meeting place in the RC aviation scene. And for those who just want to give it a try, flight instructor Marco offers free trial sessions.

Anyone can try it
Children from about nine years old and adults up to old age. Everyone can try their first RC model flight at the weekly. For this we usually meet on Mondays in the early afternoon at the archery range under the hotel pool. Flying will be done with model airplanes for beginners from Multiplex.

If you are interested, you can book further lessons
. If you liked the taster, you can book further RC flying lessons with instructor Marco. Training takes place from Monday to Friday. In the store you can buy a model airplanes for home.

Senso hike

Together with Jutta, families with children experience exciting adventures. Adults learn a lot about nature, country and people.

Sensopark – Discover your senses
In the stress of everyday life, we often forget how important nature is. The senso-meditative hiking trails through the municipality of Berg im Drautal serve to help you realise and appreciate nature again with all your senses. The book with the description of the paths and exercises for the senses you can get at the reception.

Out together in the Sensopark
The best way to do this is to join Jutta on a free Senso walk. Jutta is a well trained hiking and pilgrimage guide. Senso walks are held weekly from spring to fall. The starting point is the bog Kneipp basin opposite the playground.

Who can participate?
Whether you hike as a couple, as a family, with friends or alone with Jutta, you won’t regret it. Quite the opposite. Rather, Jutta adapts her tours to her companions, the weather and what the farms in the village have to offer. Their repertoire includes games in the forest, exercises for all the senses, cultural visits and a wealth of knowledge about history, flora and fauna. You will be amazed at how creative Jutta can make a simple walk!

Weekly program from the village

During the summer months, the village also offers a weekly program. The program varies from year to year.

Very popular and partly free of charge are the information hike on the Emberger Alm on Monday, the twilight hike and fossil search in the Ochsenschucht. The local sports providers have a wide range of activities: sunrise hike, summit hike, canyoning, bike tours, herb tour, vineyard tour. You can get the exact program at the reception. All sports suppliers

Frequently asked questions

Weekly program

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    When does the weekly program take place?

    Our weekly program (go-karting, archery, Senso hike,…) takes place from Monday to Friday. On which day the individual program points take place varies from week to week. If you want to participate in everything once, it is best to spend a week or longer at the Glocknerhof.

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    Is the weekly program free of charge?

    The weekly program of the Glocknerhof (go-karting, archery, Senso hike, model trial flight) is free of charge. The visit of Ebnerbichl with pony riding and petting animals costs € 10,– (food contribution for the animals).

    The weekly program from the village is partly free of charge. The weekly program of various sports providers (Drausport, Fit & Fun, etc.) is for a fee.

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Travel blogger Mrs. Elischeba

Mrs. Germany 2009 Elischeba Wilde as guest at the Glocknerhof

Glocknerhof – perfect family holidays. The prominent travel blogger Elischeba came to this conclusion after her visit with us. The children were particularly enthusiastic about the RC model airfield and the animals in the petting zoo.

We thank you for the great video!

Family holidays in winter

And what do we do in winter? Here’s info for kids in the snow.

Information about family holidays in winter, suitable ski resorts and the child-friendly ski school on the Emberger Alm. Also: tobogganing, ice skating at the Weissensee and cross-country skiing.

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