Model airfields & gliding slope from Glocknerhof

If you dream of model flying in the Alps, you are in the right place at the Glocknerhof in Carinthia: Top-equipped model airfield directly below the hotel and a slope gliding area on the Rottenstein (1,350 m above sea level) exclusively for guests of the hotel with fantastic thermal lift from spring to late autumn.

Airfields & Gliding Slope

Model airfield Glocknerhof

large & comfortable

Slope soaring area Rottenstein

Thermal lift all year round

Model airfield Amlach

Local Club

Craft rooms

at the hotel

Prospectus: Holidays with model airplanes

In the brochure you will find everything about model flying holidays, flying school for glider, motorplane and helicopter, events and room rates at Hotel Glocknerhof.

Download: Model flying holidays [pdf]


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