Model airfields & gliding slope from Glocknerhof

If you dream of model flying in the Alps, you are in the right place at the Glocknerhof in Carinthia: Top-equipped model airfield directly below the hotel and a slope gliding area on the Rottenstein (1,350 m above sea level) exclusively for guests of the hotel with fantastic thermal lift from spring to late autumn.

Airfields & Gliding Slope

Model airfield Glocknerhof

large & comfortable

Slope soaring area Rottenstein

Thermal lift all year round

Model airfield Amlach

Local Club

Craft rooms

at the hotel

Prospectus: Holidays with model airplanes

In the brochure you will find everything about model flying holidays, flying school for glider, motorplane and helicopter, events and room rates at Hotel Glocknerhof.

Download: Model flying holidays [pdf]


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Webcam from the airfield – all webcams

Model airfield Glocknerhof

The heart of an unforgettable model flying holidays

Flying field for glider, motorplanes & helicopters

The hotel’s own model airfield Glocknerhof is an ideal flying site for glider pilots, motor pilots and helicopter pilots. The flight courses of the Glocknerhof model flight school also take place here. The airfield has received the official permission “specific” for model flights up to 500 m above ground. The course consists of main field and hovering field.


Main field

  • For gliders, motor planes and helicopters
  • 2 minutes by car (10 minutes walk) from the hotel
  • Short mowed grass runway: 200 m north-south, 90 m east-west
  • Take-off/landing area: north-south 700 m meadow without obstacles
  • 9 stainless steel tables, electricity (230 V, 400 V), compressed air
  • Comfortable toilets, drinking water, shower and free WIFI.
  • asphalted access road
  • Parasols, benches and deckchairs for relaxation
  • Electric charging station for electric cars (22 kW, “Type 2” plug)
  • Stable and weatherproof tent with lighting – can be used for evening events.
  • Chilled drinks, coffee specialties made from freshly ground coffee beans, hot chocolate, fruit tea and cozy seating in the tent.
  • Parallel to the path runs a small stream.
  • Biotope with viewing platform and fish pond

Hover area

  • Ideal for hover training with helicopters and drones
  • 3 tables, electricity (230 V, 400 V), drinking water and free WIFI
  • Parasols, deck chairs, benches
  • Asphalted access road
  • 200 m south of the main field
  • Important: Please do not use the hovering area during the airtow weeks!
Rules & Regulations

The following rules must be observed:

  • Flying is allowed daily from 8 morning to dusk
  • Combustion flight: weekdays 8 to 12.30 and 15 to 17
  • Unnecessarily loud model aircrafts and flight maneuvers are not allowed!
  • Combustion flights are not allowed on weekends and holidays. Alternative option: Model airfield Amlach
  • The operation of model aircraft is only allowed in the 2.4 GHz band.
  • Liability insurance for model flight in Austria, EU proof of competence A1/A3 and model identification are required. Please fill out this form and bring it with you upon arrival: Registration form for model airplane pilots.
  • Please read the rules of the model airfield Glocknerhof carefully!
  • For flights above 120 m above ground, the following applies:

For flights from 120 m to 500 m above ground, the following applies additionally:

The model airfield Glocknerhof has an officially approved ascent permit up to 500 m above ground. For flights above 120 m special conditions apply, which must be fulfilled without exception for safety reasons! Please read them carefully:

Hill soaring area Rottenstein

Hill soaring in the Alps – the hang gliding area of the Glocknerhof at 1,350 m above sea level: The gliding slope at Rottenstein above Steinfeld is reserved exclusively for hotel guests of the Glocknerhof and offers phenomenal thermals.

Details for hill soaring side

  • Hill gliding area free to use only for hotel guests
  • Open all ear round – even in winter can be flown.
  • South and south-east slope, stone-free meadows
  • Thermal flying with light slope wind
  • Suitable for gliders up to 4 meters wingspan
  • No waiting times
  • Asphalt road directly to the starting area
  • 20 minutes by car from the hotel

Advantages of Rottenstein

The slope at Rottenstein is interesting mainly because it can be reached via an asphalt road that leads directly to the take-off area. You can start flying immediately. Another climb is not necessary and there are no waiting times. Either take off from the road, or walk a few steps down to the landing meadow or up onto the slope. Detailed directions are available at the hotel.

What’s going on at the Rottenstein gliding hill?

Usually there is not much going on at the Rottenstein. Only once a year – namely during the model flight week – a slope gliding competition takes place at Rottenstein. And anyone can join in. Slope gliding is possible all year round. Also in winter can and may be flown. If you want to visit us primarily for hill soaring, it is best to plan your holidays in spring or autumn.

For those who want to learn or improve their slopw gliding skills, we recommend our hill soaring workshop at our model flight school.

Rules at the Rottenstein

Rules on the slope Rottenstein:

  • Flying is allowed daily from 8 morning to dusk
  • The category “open” applies
  • Maximum flight altitude: 120 m above position from pilot
  • Maximum 10 kg takeoff weight
  • Liability insurance for model flight in Austria, EU proof of competence A1/A3 and model identification are required. Please fill out this form and bring it with you upon arrival: Registration form for model airplane pilots.

Model airfield Amlach

Club airfield for locals and guests

Flying field for glider, motorplanes & helicopters

The airfield Amlach belongs to Greifenburg. It is located next to the road in the south of the Drau River and is a flying field for RC gliders and motor planes as well as helicopter. Here fly the local pilots as well as guests. Helicopters are especially welcome. The flying field consists of:

  • 130 m x 30 m grass runway east-west, permitted flight altitude 120 m
  • Up to 25 kg takeoff weight
  • 4 tables with electricity (12 V) through photovoltaic
  • Power aggregate (230 V)
  • 10 minutes by car, 2 km as the crow flies from the hotel, 1,5 km as the crow flies from the model airfield Glocknerhof

Use of airfield

Hotel guests are allowed to use the model airfield Amlach. The cost is € 10 per day and € 50 per week.

Rules in Amlach

Rules at Amlach airfield:

  • Flight times daily 8 am to 7 pm
  • Internal combustion engines and loud impellers are not allowed to fly on Sundays and holidays from 12 noon to 1 pm.
  • Please observe the airfield regulations of Amlach airfield!

Requirements for flying:

  • Liability insurance
  • Model identification number
  • EU proof of competence

Site regulations model airfield Amlach

Airfield regulations Amlach – MFC Greifenburg

Craft rooms

At the Glocknerhof, the boss has been a model pilot himself since his youth. Therefore, it is a matter of course for us that for model airplane pilots also all technical requirements are given.

Repair & crafting

  • Crafting rooms for storing models and for repairs
  • Order spare parts directly to the hotel
  • Tools and materials
  • Store for spare flying equipment and accessories
  • Assistance and advice

The use of the craft rooms is included in the room price.

Store for RC planes

If the model airplanes once can not be repaired in a hurry and the spare parts are waiting, you can alternatively access a flight model from our small store. There is certainly something for you here.

Construction and repair service

We would be happy to help you with your models. From small repairs during the holidays to the construction of new RC models. Take advantage of the RC aircraft building service Glocknerhof.

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