Glider Towing at Glocknerhof, Carinthia

F-tow in spring and autumn

The already traditional Glider Towing Week takes place every year in spring and offers professionals as well as novices enough time to exchange experiences among like-minded people. For autumn, in addition, the towing days were created. Join in.

Model aerotow on holidays

Every year, model airplane pilots travel with gliders and tow planes to the Drautal Valley for a joint F-tow. In addition, flight instructor and tow pilot Marco is on the field the whole week and tows with the 3.6 m Swisstrainer and the 4 m Cessna 180 from the Glocknerhof in the morning and in the afternoon until everyone has had enough. In between, you can relax on the sun loungers or take a nap on the grass. In the afternoon there is a little break and boss Adolf comes with coffee and cake directly to the airfield.

The special feature of the drag weeks:

  • The towing service from the Glocknerhof is included in the room price.
  • Coffee and cake at the airfield

13. Gilder Towing Week in spring: 13 – 20 April 2024

The start of the flying season

  • Gliders & tugs are welcome!
  • Casual flying & shop talk
  • Comfortable hours on the model airfield in one of the best thermal areas in Austria
  • Towing and being towed – in the morning and in the afternoon
  • Hotel’s own towing machines – free towing service

6. Glider Towing Days in autumn: September 23 – 27, 2024

Joint towing days in autumn

  • Tow pilot Marco is available with Cessna 180 and Swisstrainer – free of charge for hotel guests
  • The towing take place from Monday to Friday, in the morning and in the afternoon.


Book towing service

If you would like to use the towing service from the Glocknerhof outside of the Glider Towing Week , you can book this as part of “Private Flying Lessons” at the Model Flying School. It doesn’t matter then whether you are towing alone or a whole group of sailors at once. Towing pilot Marco is at your disposal.


Here you can book rooms or send us a request. Please let us know your interest in glider towing right away.

Photos & videos from the Glider Towing Week

  • swisstrainer-schleppmaschine-glocknerhof
  • modellflugplatz-glocknerhof-segler
  • schleppmaschine
  • kaffee-pause
  • schleppwoche-glocknerhof
  • kaffeegenuss-am-flugplatz
  • flugplatz-glocknerhof-schlepp
  • entspannen-flugplatz
  • flugplatz-segler
  • landung-segler
  • schlepp-start-glocknerhof
  • schleppwoche-am-flugplatz
  • segelfliegen-am-glocknerhof
  • f-schlepp-glocknerhof
  • modellflug-schleppwoche-glocknerhof
  • kind-als-schlepppilot-piper-gelb
  • segler-in-der-f-schleppwoche
  • kaffee-und-kuchen-am-flugplatz-schleppwoche
  • eta-segler-bruckmann
  • kaffeepause-schleppwoche-glocknerhof
  • swiss-trainer-glocknerhof-schleppwoche
  • schlepppilot-marco-swiss-trainer-bruckmann
  • segelschleppwoche-glocknerhof
  • piloten-in-der-schleppwoche
  • schleppwoche-glocknerhof-segler
  • segelkunstflug-selbststart
  • segler-modellflugplatz-zelt
  • segler-landung-schlepp

Video: Glider Towing Week 2017

Video: Glider Towing Week 2015

Video: Model Aerotow 2013

Course rules and regulations

The court rules must be observed. The new EU Regulation (EU) 2019/947 also applies at Hotel Glocknerhof. In addition to the liability insurance for model flight, the new