Model flying at hotel Glocknerhof

Model flying holidays for the whole family? Quite normal for us. The RC hotel for model flying Glocknerhof attracts with thermals, the most beautiful flight field in Austria and its own model flying school – and that at any time of the year. For the rest of the family, the Hotel Glocknerhof offers a wide range of leisure activities.

Model flying on holidays

Guests of the Glocknerhof can stay on the various airfields all year round, fly freely with their own model airplanes and use the entire infrastructure. Clubs and aviation groups are also welcome. We will be happy to find an appointment.

RC Flying holidays with the family

While dad and the kids devote themselves to model flying, mom can relax on the sun terrace. A top all-round offer ensures that the whole family spends a great holidays and no one gets bored.

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Model flying holidays in Carinthia

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Prospectus: Holidays with model airplanes

In the brochure you will find everything about model flying holidays, flying school for glider, motorplane and helicopter, events and room rates at Hotel Glocknerhof.

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The airfields from the Glocknerhof

Airfield & Hill soaring

Model airfield Glocknerhof

The model airfield of the Hotel Glocknerhof is located directly under the hotel and can be used by hotel guests free of charge. It consists of the main field with 200 m long short mown grass runway and the hovering field. The airfield offers every comfort such as set-up tables, electricity, water, Wi-Fi, toilets, drinks and more.

Hill soaring area Rottenstein

The gliding slope of the Glocknerhof is located on the Rottenstein and is exclusively available to hotel guests. It is located at 1,350 m above sea level and is best suited for gliders up to 4 m wingspan. A south-east slope with a stone-free landing area awaits the pilot. The slope is easily accessible via an asphalt road.

Model airfield Amlach

The model airfield in Amlach can also be used by hotel guests for a small fee and is located only 10 minutes away from the hotel.

Model flight school Glocknerhof

Learn model flying on holidays

At the Glocknerhof there is the possibility to learn model flying or to improve your skills during your holidays. In the wing area, this can be flight courses, individual lessons or a hill soaring workshop. Training is also offered for model helicopters.

Model aircraft building service

Up to the turnkey flight model

If you don’t have the time or inclination to build your own, you can have a model airplane built. For this purpose, the Glocknerhof offers a professional model building service for gliders, motor planes and helicopters. Models of any type can be finished, rebuilt or built from scratch as desired. Almost anything is possible.

Events for model flying

There is always something going on.

The Glocknerhof hosts various model flying events each year, to which everyone is welcome. Currently there is the Glider Towing Week in the spring, Glider Towing Days in the fall, RC Aircraft Week at the end of August, and the Vintage RC Meeting in October.

Model flying in winter

Winter holidays with flying

Also in winter you can fly at the model airfield Glocknerhof. Part of the slope is groomed and most of the time it is sunny. Flying on the snow is best with gliders, helicopters and powered planes with skids, floats or big wheels from 11 am to 3 pm. The craft rooms in the hotel can be used freely for building and repairs. Please let us know your interest in flying in winter when booking.


Course rules and regulations

The court rules must be observed. The new EU Regulation (EU) 2019/947 also applies at Hotel Glocknerhof. In addition to the liability insurance for model flight, the new EU certificate of competence A1/A3 is also required. Please also affix a registration number on the models or in the battery compartment.

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