Model flight events at the Glocknerhof

Events for gliders, motorplanes and helicopters

At the Glocknerhof you can fly freely all year round with your own model airplanes and helicopters on the airfields. Model flight courses and individual lessons in the flight school are also offered almost every week from March to October. At certain times of the year, focus weeks are held where everything revolves around a specific theme. Click here for all events at the Glocknerhof.

Prospectus: Holidays with model airplanes

In the brochure you will find everything about model flying holidays, flying school for glider, motorplane and helicopter, events and room rates at Hotel Glocknerhof.

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Model flight events

Model Flight Week

The meeting place for the whole model flying family

The holidayswith model flying, weekly program, competitions for gliding and powered flight and entertainment. At the end of the week there will be live music with award ceremony and great prizes.

Airtow at the Glocknerhof

F-tow in spring and autumn

In spring and autumn the towing weeks take place at the Glocknerhof. Sailors and tugs meet for joint F-tow and exchange of experiences. Flight instructor Marco is available with the towing machines from the Glocknerhof the whole week.

Vintage RC Meeting

Autumn flying in Carinthia

All are invited everything that flies, from foam to rib. Whether faithful replicas of historic biplanes and wartime aircraft, foam bombers or original flying machines, it will be an experience for the eyes and ears.

Aerobatics training with Gernot Bruckmann

Train with the world champion

The multiple world champion Gernot Bruckmann offers a special training for motor aerobatics and glider aerobatics at the Glocknerhof. For four days, the professional will be at your side with his experience and his aircraft hangar as a model flight instructor.

Hill Soaring Workshop

Hill Soaring Workshops take place in spring and in autumn at the Rottenstein hill soaring area. You will learn slope gliding, gain practical experience and learn important tips and tricks. Own gliders should be brought – whether pure glider or motor glider does not matter. The seminars are aimed at pilots who have mastered a standard flight model on the level and would like to dedicate themselves to the topics of slope flying & thermals.

Model aircraft building service

Want to fly a special model but don’t have the time, patience or skill to build it yourself? Then we can help you. We build your desired model and you can combine the takeover with a holidays at the Glocknerhof right away. Here you get more information about the model building and repair service Glocknerhof.

RC Building Workshop

In this seminar you will learn how to build model airplanes. Each course participant builds his own RC airplane during the week. The models are built in wooden construction and covered with foil. The aim of the course is to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge of making and repairing model airplanes. Depending on the progress of construction, the models can be flown in with the flight instructor.

RC Model trial flights

every week free of charge

Weekly (usually on Monday afternoons), free trial model flight sessions are held at the archery range below the hotel. Thereby interested people can try model flying during a joint flight with flight instructor Marco. If you have a taste for it, you can book a private lesson or join a model flying course, for example. We will be happy to advise you.

Model flying in winter

Winter holidays with flying

Also in winter you can fly at the model airfield Glocknerhof. Part of the slope is groomed and most of the time it is sunny. On the snow it is best to fly with gliders, helicopters and motor planes with cuves, glimmers or big wheels in the time from 11 to 15 o’clock. The craft rooms in the hotel can be used freely for building and repairs. Please let us know your interest in flying in winter when booking.

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