Aerobatics training with Gernot Bruckmann

Flight training with the world champion

The experienced and successful model airplane pilot Gernot Bruckmann offers a special training for motor aerobatics and glider aerobatics at the Glocknerhof. For four half days, the professional will be on hand with his experience and his aircraft hangar as a model flight instructor.

Gernot Bruckmann is an experienced model airplane pilot, model builder and multiple state champion, European champion and world champion in various disciplines of gliding and powered flight. We are therefore especially pleased to be able to inspire Gernot for an aerobatics training at the Glocknerhof.


The next training with Gernot Bruckmann will take place on the following date:

  • Mon, April 1 – Sat, April 7, 2024: fully booked, waiting list possible

  • Sun, September 29 – Sat, October 5, 2024: fully booked, waiting list possible

Participants: The training takes place from 3 participants. Flying will take place on all 4 days with only 6 students per date (3 in the morning, 3 in the afternoon). The 5th day is substitute day in case of bad weather. There is no discount for cancelled flights beyond the substitute day.

Cost: € 500 per participant for 4 half days



  • Arrival until the evening before
  • 4 half days flying together, the division is done on site
  • The remaining time is available for independent flying or other ventures.

The schedule is subject to change!

Special weeks 7=6*

04.01.2023 – 24.06.2023
02.09.2023 – 15.10.2023
19.12.2023 – 26.12.2023
06.01.2024 – 29.06.2024
07.09.2024 – 20.10.2024

How is the training structured?

Training Content:

In the practical training we fly together with Gernot with the desired models teacher-student. He is available with many tips and tricks. It is also possible to set up models that you have brought with you.

Model aircrafts

Flying is done with motor planes and gliders by Gernot Bruckmann – selectable on request. Flight students can also bring their own models for even better adjustment and training with them.

Included in the price

Flying in theory and practice with Gernot Bruckmann, model use, fuel, insurance, maintenance costs, airfield use for hotel guests.

Requirements for participation

  • Safe flying with standard models
  • Mastery of light aerobatics

The flight training with Gernot Bruckmann is aimed at experienced model airplane pilots who have already mastered light aerobatics and would like to improve.

  • Gernot-Bruckmann-Seglerkunstflug-Glocknerhof
  • Junge-mit-großem-Doppeldecker-Glocknerhof-Bruckmann
  • Motorkunstflug-Training-Bruckmann-Glocknerhof
  • Doppeldecker-tanken-Kunsftflugtraining-Bruckmann-Glocknerhof
  • F3A-Training-mit-Gernot-Bruckmann-Glocknerhof
  • Fliegerpuppe-Gernot
  • Flugschüler-mit-Doppeldecker-Bruckmann
  • Kunstflug-Staffel-Training-Gernot-Bruckmann
  • Training-mit-Gernot-Bruckmann
  • Kunstflugtraining-Glocknerhof
  • Kunstflug-Training-Doppeldecker-gelb-Gernot-Bruckmann
  • Kunstflugtraining-mit-Doppeldecker-auf-Schnee-Bruckmann
  • Kunstflugtraining-mit-Gernot-Bruckmann
  • Training-mit-Gernot-im-Schnee
  • Entspannung-am-Flugplatz-Kunstflugtraining
  • Teilnehmer-Kunstflug-Training
  • Training-mit-Gernot-Bruckmann-Glocknerhof
  • Beim-Kunstflug-Training-mit-Gernot-Bruckmann-Glocknerhof
  • Bruckmann-Motorkunstflug-Tucson-Aerobatic-Shootout-2019
  • Bruckmann-Wettbewerb-Motorkunstflug
  • Bruckmann-indoor-Kunstflug
  • Gernot-Bruckmann-Seglerkunstflug
  • Bruckmann-Seglerkunstflieger
  • Bruckmann-Segler-Rauchpatronen

*Stay 7 nights and pay only 6 nights.

Valid in all double rooms (Komfort, Superior and Deluxe). Book right now and secure this bonus!


Please make reservations directly with the Hotel Glocknerhof.

Here you can book a room or send us an inquiry. Please indicate your interest in flight training with Gernot Bruckmann and wishes (gliding or powered flight) under comments.

For questions

For questions about the program contact the Glocknerhof +43 4712 721 0

or directly to Gernot Bruckmann +43 650 4330844


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