Model flying lessons: glider & motor

Flight courses and individual lessons

Flight instruction for gliding and powered flight takes place from Monday to Friday at the Glocknerhof model airfield. The courses usually have 4 flights each day. Additional flights can be booked if you are interested.

Area course details

The courses are held at the model airfield Glocknerhof. Training takes place on 5 days from Monday to Friday with 2 flight students alternating. Each student completes 4 flights per day of 6 – 7 minutes each, for a total of 20 flights. Additional flights and special training are available at an additional cost. General info about the flight school you can find under model flight school.

The courses include

Insurance, rental models, fuel, remote controls and 20% VAT. For hotel guests of the Glocknerhof the use of the airfield is already included. In case of bad weather, only the flights that have taken place will be charged. The rest of the day is at leisure. Subject to change without notice.

1. Glider/Motor Flight Intensive € 415

Duration: 20 flights in 10 hours, 2 students alternating, no basic knowledge required

Introduction to fixed-wing flight with aileron, elevator, rudder and throttle functions. Depending on ability, suitable gliders and motor planes are used. For gliders the increase to 4 flaps (butterfly, flap) is possible. In the case of powered aircraft, electric and internal combustion models are available as high and low wing models. The practice is always the focus. Theory is taught while flying. The goal of the course is the safe handling of the flight model.

2. Glider XXL € 440

Duration: 20 flights in 10 hours, 2 students alternate, basic knowledge is required.

Entry into the world of large gliders. Only high quality gliders are used. Learned will be proper takeoff, landing layout, handling in general, light aerobatics. The gliders are brought to altitude electrically by hand or ground launch.

3. Glider Aerobatics RC-SK € 440

Duration: 20 flights in 10 hours, 2 students alternate, independent piloting required

Entry into glider aerobatics with large models from 4 m wingspan. The gliders are brought up to altitude electrically or by towplane. Aerobatic maneuvers of the official RC-SK program are trained. Spatial division, as well as harmony and accuracy of individual flight maneuvers are learned.

4. Glider Airtow Special € 440

Duration: 20 flights in 10 hours, 2 students alternate, safe flying with own model required (glider or airplane for airtow)

Please bring your own model to the course. The course is designed for those who do not feel confident in sail towing. The course teaches you everything you need to know about towing operations, such as how to divide space when climbing and how to behave when towing.

5. Motorplane XXL € 440

Duration: 20 flights in 10 hours, 2 students alternate, basic knowledge is required.

Entry into large model aviation with combustion engines from 30 cc or electric drive. Different models are used depending on availability and requirements. Learned is proper takeoff, handling in general and light aerobatics.

6. Private Flight Lesson € 83 per hour

Duration: at least 1 hour, assembly and disassembly included, basic knowledge is not required

The flight instructor is flexible with advice and support. All surface models of the flight school can be used, also models brought along and new models from Glocknerhof Construction Service. Whether glider aerobatics, motor aerobatics or glider towing for one person or a whole club group – almost anything is possible.

7. Adjusting & Maiden Flight € 63 per hour

Duration: Depending on the effort, at least 1 hour

Would you rather have someone else fly your new model aircraft for the first time? The flight instructor will be happy to do this for you. The flight model is checked for airworthiness, programmed and flown in. If you would like to fly instructor/student, it is possible as a Private Flying Lesson (see above). In any case, the risk is borne by the owner of the model aircraft!

Book flight courses

Flight courses can be booked directly with the room on our hotel booking page. The courses are usually well booked, so secure your desired date as early as possible.

Flying outside the flight school

We do not recommend operating model aircraft without first gaining some experience and obtaining model aircraft liability insurance. We recommend Austrian pilots to take out insurance with the Austrian Aero Club. If you want to fly on our airfields outside of the model flight courses – i.e. without an instructor – liability insurance is required, among other things. All rules and specifications can be found here.


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Other trainings and services


helicopter can also be learned at the Glocknerhof: Courses and individual lessons for beginners and advanced pilots up to scale flying are possible with 700 and 550 electric helicopters. Training sessions are held weekly Monday through Friday throughout the year and are customized to the student’s ability.

Hill Soaring Workshop

The slope flight seminars take place on certain dates in spring and autumn on 4 afternoons directly at the house slope Rottenstein. The aim is to learn how to hang glide, gain practical experience and learn important tips and tricks from an experienced pilot. Own gliders should be brought – whether pure glider or motor glider does not matter. The seminars are aimed at pilots who have mastered a standard flight model on the level and would like to dedicate themselves to the topics of slope flying & thermals.

Model aircraft building service

Want to fly a special model but don’t have the time, patience or skill to build it yourself? Then we can help you. We build your desired model and you can combine the takeover with a holidays at the Glocknerhof right away. Here you get more information about the model building and repair service Glocknerhof.

RC Building Workshop

In this seminar you will learn how to build model airplanes. Each course participant builds his own RC airplane during the week. The models are built in wooden construction and covered with foil. The aim of the course is to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge of making and repairing model airplanes. Depending on the progress of construction, the models can be flown in with the flight instructor.

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