Slow Food Villages – Places of Good Living

Agriculture and nature. Since time immemorial, the village life has been characterized by it. The Slow Food Villages recognize this as an opportunity and are building on it. Berg im Drautal has been named a “Place of Good Living” due to the many passionate food producers, innkeepers and educational institutions. A total of eight communities in Carinthia are among the international Slow Food Villages.

What does GOOD.CLEAN.FAIR mean?

Good food is important. Slow Food promotes the right of every human being to good, clean food and advocates for it worldwide with conviction and passion.



stands for a substantial, fresh and healthy food culture, with the best products from the agricultural wealth of Carinthiaand the surrounding regions in the Alpe-Adria area.


Producing food in harmony with the environment and health, without harming resources, ecosystems or the environment, and without causing harm to people, nature or animals.



stands for fair conditions, fair prices for all producers and social justice – from production to trade to consumption.

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Slow Food Community Berg im Drautal

The fields in Berg im Drautal at the foot of the Emberger Alm have always been fertile. That is why there are particularly many direct marketers here.

Farm products from the farm

The Berger farmers grow potatoes, spelt, wine, sweet chestnuts, old varieties of fruit and corn and keep old breeds of domestic animals such as Pustertaler Sprinzen, Appenzeller cattle and Altsteierer chickens according to the motto “GUT.SAUBER.FAIR”. The products can be bought directly from the producers or in the local supermarket in the Sensopark corner or in the weekly markets in the region.

Sensopark Berg im Drautal

Realize the meaning of nature: physical activity combined with confrontation with intact nature and enjoyment of regional food from local producers – that is Sensopark Berg im Drautal.

Explore the Sensopark

In a fast-paced society, one longs more and more for meaning. At Sensopark Berg im Drautal you can recognize it again. Get to know the special treasures of nature on guided Senso hikes, consciously perceive nature with all your senses. And enjoy the good, clean and fair food of local direct marketers under the sign of the International Slow Food Movement.

The farm from Glocknerhof

The Zametterhof – the basis of success

The Glocknerhof is part of the Zametterhof, a 500 year old farmstead at the entrance of Berg im Drautal, which has been in family hands since 1838. The farm includes agricultural land such as meadows, forests and gardens directly around the Glocknerhof.

Products from our own agriculture

A good part of the products processed at the Glocknerhof come from our own farm or directly from farmers and producers in the area: meat, bacon, eggs, farmhouse bread, jams, fruits and vegetables, salads and herbs from our own garden, even the 17-herb schnapps comes from our own distillery. Many products are available for purchase at the Glocknerhof. These include jams, bacon, house sausages and schnapps.

Holidays in the middle of nature

The extensive area around the Glocknerhof offers plenty of space for various activities and holds one or the other hidden spot for the curious. Come and discover nature of Carinthia.

Holiday resort Berg im Drautal

Our holiday community is located in the middle of the Outdoor Park Oberdrautal, nestled between the sunny slopes of the Kreuzeckgruppe in the north and the rugged rock formations of the Gailtaler Kalkalpen with Reißkofel and Jaukengruppe in the south: A place for relaxation and holidays.

Time out in nature

Feel freedom while gently canoeing on the Drava River, hiking in the silence of the Kreuzeck Group, feel the fresh breeze on a bike tour along the Drau Cycle Path R1 or trudge with snowshoes through the freshly snow-covered winter landscape on the Emberger Alm. Discover family friendliness, beautiful natural scenery and an intact village community away from noise and hustle and bustle.

Emberger Alm

On the Emberger Alm you can expect an extensive hiking area with mountain panorama, an Eldorado for paragliders and hang gliders, holiday observatory, meeting place for amateur astronomers and in winter an ideal family skiing area for beginners and connoisseurs, high-altitude cross-country ski run, free ski bus, snowshoe hiking and a ski school.

For health

Berg im Drautal is a recognized climatic health resort with a healing climate and already historic bathing facilities. For well-being and vitality, the village offers, in addition to the extensive network of hiking, walking and biking trails, numerous running and Nordic walking trails and mountain bike tours of all levels of difficulty.

Favored by the warm air from the south flowing out of the Ochsenschlucht, fruit and vegetables as well as grain thrive here – on the sunny slopes of the Oberdrau valley – up to heights of 1400 m. Also the pure crystal clear good water contributes to the fact that people can relax here. History bears witness to this.

The first “summer visitors” arrived in the 19th century and even before the 1st World War commercial “tourism” flourished. In 1924 the first bathing establishment opened on the Emberg (Bad Eisendle) and in 1958 the first guesthouse with cold and warm running water (Glocknerhof).

For a few years now there has been another highlight: the Barbara-Stollen near Dellach, in an old disused mining gallery. Here, the relative humidity is close to the maximum saturation, i.e. 100%, and therefore offers optimal therapy options for diseases of the respiratory tract. Speleotherapy is scientifically recognized.

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