Horse riding holidays in Carinthia

Children love animals and especially horses. Holidays at Hotel Glocknerhof in Carinthia and visit Ebnerbichl: a paradise for all children. Riding arena with ponies and many animals to pet and feed.

Weekly we visit the Ebnerbichl with all its big and small animals. The charming animal farm is lovingly cared for by the family and is located only three kilometers from the Hotel Glocknerhof. Every child who wants can ride with the ponies at the Glocknerhof riding arena on Ebnerbichl and feed the animals.

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Horses, ponies and many animals at Ebnerbichl

A dream for children: The weekly, joint excursion to Ebnerbichl. There are many animals (mini mountain goats, kangaroos, rabbits, pigs, guinea pigs, turtles, ducks and chickens) to feed, pet and admire. Some animals can even do tricks. There everyone will find his favorite.

Meanwhile, at the riding arena, ponies and large horses are ridden. Before that, the children are allowed to clean and groom the ponies and make friends with the animals. Then it’s off to the races. Each child is led a few laps around the riding arena on the pony. The children are also allowed to lead the ponies themselves. You take turns and everyone gets a turn. Parents are welcome to join in, participate and take pictures – directly at the riding arena or from the grandstand.

Cost for weekly visit: € 10,– per child


Pony riding individually at Ebnerbichl

However, Ebnerbichl can also be visited for individual pony riding. Contact Melina directly. Here is the flyer Pony riding at Ebnerbichl.


The animals from Ebnerbichl on Instagram:


Book a room at Hotel Glocknerhof

At the Glocknerhof we almost always have a room available even at short notice. Book online right away, send us an inquiry or simply call us at +43 4712 721 0.


Private tours, pony games & riding lessons

The Ebnerbichl can also be visited privately. Melina offers private farm tours and also private lessons with the ponies. To book an appointment, please contact the reception or contact Melina directly. Please make your wishes known early so that we can plan.

Phone Melina: +43 650 78 80 008


Riding lessons on holidays

Riding instructors provide those tips you need to keep a firm grip on the reins. Pferdehof Rupitsch is located on Weissensee, just 20 minutes from the hotel and offers riding lessons, horseback riding, trail rides and children’s riding. You can combine your riding lessons with a trip to the Weissensee. Horse-drawn carriage rides are also available.

Flyer from Pferdehof Rupitsch [pdf]

Horse farm Rupitsch, Neusach 87, 9762 Weissensee

Phone: +43 664 16 19 933

Active holidays in Carinthia

Horseback riding is only one facet of a holidays in Carinthia.

Canoe tours on the Drava River are at least as exciting. In addition, you can go cycling, archery, play tennis or golf as you wish. Take a look at our other activities at Hotel Glocknerhof.