Observe stars – Astronomy

In the Drau Valley the nights are particularly dark – ideal conditions for observing the starry sky. The new moon phases in autumn and winter are particularly suitable.

In the Drau Valley there is a lot of nature and little built-up area. This results in low light pollution and an unobstructed view of the celestial bodies. Stars and planets can be observed with the naked eye directly from the hotel. Interested people visit the holidays observatories on the Emberger Alm. Dedicated amateur astronomers bring their own equipment on holidays. The telescope meeting in autumn is the ideal meeting place.


Evening stargazing

A romantic walk to the love bench and look at the sky – do you know some constellations? In the first half of August you can observe the Perseids very well. The best thing to do is to lie down on the meadow with a blanket and let the many shooting stars pass by.

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Observatory on the Emberger Alm

For those interested, there are two professional observatories on the Emberger Alm. Thomas Sattlegger of Sattlegger’s Alpenhof offers weekly guided tours. Experienced astronomers can also rent the observatories.

Tel: +43 4712 796
Web: www.embergeralm.com


Astronomy on holidays

The location of the Emberger Alm is ideal for amateur astronomers. There is hardly any extraneous light and the air is already very transparent at 1,800 m above sea level. Rent the observatory or take your own telescope on holidays. On the mountain pasture, in addition to optimal installation sites, platforms with columns and parking spaces are offered.

Tel: +43 4712 796
Web: www.embergeralm.com

International Telescope Meeting (ITT)

Astro week on the Emberger Alm

The telescope meeting takes place annually in the new moon phase at the end of September / beginning of October on the Emberger Alm. Interested amateur astronomers from all over Europe meet to exchange experiences and stargazing together. Take advantage of the comfort at the Glocknerhof and attend the meeting every day.

Top recommendation: Take advantage of the attractive accompanying program around the telescope meeting.Guided hikes and practical lectures on various topics such as nature, plants, astronomy, archaeology, paleontology, photography and image processing, including a raffle on the final evening. Be part of it!

Here is the program from this year’s meeting: ITT Accompanying Program [pdf]

Web: www.embergeralm.com

Private star tour

Listening Experience “Experience the Night

Lie on your back and look deep into the stars. The audio file guides the eye through the starry sky for 25 minutes. Buy once, use again and again.

Web: visitdarkskies.com