Canoeing, rafting and paddling on the Drau River

The rivers in Carinthia and East Tyrol offer special experiences for every taste: from leisurely paddling and canoeing on the Drau and Gail to wild rafting tours on the Möll and Isel. The boat trips in the Outdoor Oberdrautal are leisurely tours and relatively harmless, nevertheless high value is placed on safety.

The Drau and the Gail invite you for relaxed paddling. They are suitable for harmless family tours with the inflatable canoe and canoe trips for connoisseurs. For those who prefer white water, the rafting routes on the Möll and on the Isel are suitable. And then there is the centuries-old tradition of rafting on the Drau. Experience the wildly romantic waterway with its bays, Letten banks and alder forests away from all the hustle and bustle.


Canoeing in Carinthia

Boating on the Drau River in a canoe, inflatable canoe or rafting boat everyone should try once. Pass soft sandbars, washed around limestone rocks and lush floodplains, glimpses of crayfish, fawns and wild ducks. Experience the Drau Valley from its most mysterious side. The inflatable boat trips are also wonderful for families with children, because the Drau is a quiet river. Through local providers you can book a complete tour on the Draz River with a variety of boats. You can also just rent a boat and do the tour on your own.


Canoe Guide Drau – Overview & Information

Discover the fascinating water world of Carinthiain the Upper Drau Valley with all entry and exit points, gastronomy and cabs: Download Canoe Guide Drau Valley


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Rafting in Carinthia and East Tyrol

If you want a little more action and are not afraid of water, you should take a rafting tour. The equipment includes helmet, life jacket and wetsuit. The best way to book everything including an experienced rafting guide is with one of our local providers. The rivers carry different amounts of water depending on the season and weather conditions, and are correspondingly calm or wild. It is best to contact the rafting providers in advance and discuss your wishes and ideas.

All guides in the Drau Valley:
Current folder for download: Folder DrauActiv – Sports offers and guides in the Drau Valley


Diving in the Carinthian lakes

For some years now, diving courses have also been offered, both at the diving school at Weissensee and at all other Carinthian lakes.


Swimming in the pool and lake

But of course you can also have it “normal”. If you like swimming, you will always get your money’s worth. Outdoor or indoor, whatever the weather, our swimming pools are at your disposal. If you prefer natural water, then dive into the waters of Weissensee (12 km away), the bathing lake Greifenburg (4 km) or Lake Tristach (30 km) and Lake Millstatt (30 km).

Crystal clear and ice cold are the lakes in the hiking region Kreuzeckgebirge. Some of their names are also strange, such as Einsee, Zweisee, 14 Seen. However, because of the temperature, please only put the tips of your toes in there.

Annual rafter meeting in August

Every year in mid-August, the Drau River in Upper Carinthia is the scene of the traditional rafters’ meeting. Friends of the almost extinct rafting profession gather here to navigate one of the last unspoiled river regions in Central Europe. The meeting will be attended by supporters from Upper Italy, Austria and Germany. The first rafting world championship also took place here in the Drau Valley.

Young and old alike join in when the rafters set off on their journey through the impressive Drau floodplains after tying up the rafts. Those who want to ride can jump on one of the rickety wooden rafts. Those who want to stay on the safe shore, accompany the rafts by bike along the Drau cycle path R1.