Hang gliding on the Emberger Alm

The Emberger Alm in Carinthia is one of the best flying areas for paragliders and hang gliders in all of Europe. In 2004 the world championship and in 2008 the European championship in hang gliding were held here. Take advantage of the good thermals and the great infrastructure in Berg im Drautal, Greifenburg and on the Emberger Alm!

Theeast-west location of the Drau Valley and the consistent thermals contribute to the flying experience. The south wind blows as a gentle breeze at higher altitudes. In the Upper Drau Valley, the geographical advantages were recognized early on and the sport of hang gliding and paragliding were promoted to the best of their abilities.

The valley lies at 600 meters above sea level, the Emberger Alm at just under 1800 meters. Flights of two, three or more hours are not uncommon here. You don’t always have a private chauffeur at hand. If you wish, you can be taken directly from the hotel to the launch site for a small fee.


Hang gliding Emberger Alm

The hang gliding center on the Emberger Alm is frequented from May to October and even in winter. There are numerous landing possibilities in the valley: at the bathing lake in Greifenburg and at the swimming pool in Berg im Drautal. For planned and unplanned outlandings the meadow below the hotel is available. Outside the summer, take-off and landing training can be done from the outdoor pool to the meadow under the hotel.


Paragliding weekend in Carinthia

At the Glocknerhof we almost always have a room available even at short notice. Check availabilities here, send us an inquiry or simply call us at +43 4712 721 0.

Paragliding flight school on site

Every sport needs to be learned – especially man-portable aviation. Directly at the landing site at the bathing lake Greifenburg are the flight schools for paraglider pilots. This is intended to make it easier for beginners in particular to get started in paragliding. The operators offer optimal flight training so that the start into the hobby can succeed safely and with as little risk as possible. The circle of paragliders is constantly growing – will you soon be one of them?


Paragliding tandem flights in Carinthia

If you would like to get a taste of the high altitude, you should book a tandem paragliding flight. You take off with an experienced pilot on the Emberger Alm and glide comfortably to the landing site in the valley. With enough thermals, extended thermal flights are also possible. Information about different providers can be found at the reception. We recommend to book the tandem flight in advance. Here are links to providers:



Info about the flight area and flight schools

All important information about take-off and landing sites, about dangers, about flight schools as well as important telephone numbers about paragliding and hang gliding can be found at: www.embergeralm.info